Summer in Japan ~日本の夏~

セミの鳴き声に苦しむ男子When I lived in Australia, summer was my favorite season, but now it is one of my least favorite. There are many reasons for this. First, in Japan, it is very humid during summer. When you go outside, you are always sweaty. Second, it is very noisy. Wherever you go, you can hear cicadas. I don’t like walking near trees in summer because the noise is deafening. Third, it is very hot. In Australia during summer, the weather usually cools down in the evening, but in Japan it is hot even at night. Finally, summer in Japan is very long. The hot weather often continues until October. I can’t wait for fall.


humid – 蒸し暑い
sweaty – 汗まみれ
noisy – うるさい
wherever you go – どこに行っても
cicadas – せみ
noise – 音
deafening – 耳をつんざくような
cool down – 涼しくなる、涼しくする


A) 筆者の一番好きな季節
B) オーストラリアの夏
C) 日本の夏が嫌いな理由
D) 夏が大好きな理由


When was summer the author’s favorite season?
What can you hear wherever you go in summer in Japan?
How long does the hot weather often continue?