Four seasons? ~四季、ですか?~

四季を表す背景の前に四季?と首を傾げる外国人A few months after I came to Japan, one of the English teachers at my school asked me, “Did you know that Japan has four seasons?” I was very confused. I thought that every country had four seasons. Even now, Japanese people often tell me that Japan has four seasons. However, I don’t agree. I think that Japan has five seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring, and the rainy season.




a few months – 数か月
ask – 尋ねる
confused – 混乱した
thought – 思った
Even now – 今でも
However, – しかし、
agree – 同意する
the rainy season – 梅雨


A) 書き手は日本の四季が好き
B) 書き手は全ての国に四季があると思っていた
C) 書き手は日本に四季があると知らなった
D) 書き手の学校の英語の先生は日本に四季があると知らなかった

  • Why was the author (書き手) confused?
  • What do Japanese people often tell the author?
  • How many seasons does the author think Japan has?