The Country That Doesn’t Care About Starbucks ~スターバックスの大失敗~

スターバックスで購入された飲み物Starbucks is popular around the world. In Japan and many other countries, you can find stores wherever you go. However, when Starbucks came to Australia in the 2000s, they completely failed. What happened? Well, coffee is a big part of Australian culture, and cafés have been popular for a long time. When Starbucks came to Australia, there were already many places to buy good coffee. In fact, many of these stores sold cheaper coffee. In addition, Australian cafés had better customer service. Baristas in Australia will greet you with a smile, remember your face and talk to you like a friend. Finally, Australians didn’t like the sweet coffee that Starbucks sold. For these reasons, Australians were not interested in Starbucks and continued to buy coffee from Australian stores. Starbucks was so unpopular that they lost $143 million and had to close 60 of their stores. Now, there are only 34 Starbucks stores in Australia.


2000s – 2000年から2009年までを含む期間
café – カフェ
completely – 完全に
fail – 失敗する
culture – 文化
cheaper – より安い
customer service – 接客
barista – バリスタ
greet – 挨拶
smile – 笑顔
remember – 覚える
face – 顔
be interested in~ – ~に興味がある
continue to 動詞 – ~し続ける


A) スタバがオーストラリアで成功しなかった理由
B) オーストラリアのカフェ文化の豊かさ
C) スタバがオーストラリアで失敗して無くしたお金
D) スタバがオーストラリアに入ってからの出来事

  • When did Starbucks come to Australia?
  • What kind of customer service do baristas in Australia provide?
  • How many Starbucks stores are there in Australia now?