Why Do Some Cats Have Cut Ears? ~野良猫の耳が切られてるのは、なぜでしょうか?~

耳の切られた野良猫、オス1匹とメス1匹 You may have noticed that many stray cats in Japan have cut ears. This cut is not from fights. It was made by a vet, and it is called “ear-tipping”.

In many communities, people catch stray cats and take them to a vet. The vet performs surgery so that the cats cannot make babies, and cuts their ears. Then, the cats are returned to their homes in the wild. This is called “Trap-Neuter-Return”, or TNR, and it is performed all over the world. It lowers stray cat numbers and reduces bad behavior.

The cut ear tells people that a cat has already had the surgery. It can also tell you the cat’s gender. If the cat’s right ear is cut, it is usually male, and if the left ear is cut, it is usually female. Next time you see a cat with a cut ear, be thankful for the hard work of vets everywhere.


notice – 気付く
stray cat – 野良猫
cut – (動)切る、切られた  (名)切り傷
vet – 獣医
community – 社会
catch – 捕まえる、捕獲する
perform – 行う
surgery – 手術
so that ~ – ~するように
the wild – 野生(場所)
Trap-Neuter-Return – 捕獲し、不妊去勢手術を行い、元の場所に戻す
lower – 減らす
numbers – 数
reduce – 減らす
behavior – 行動
gender – 性別
be thankful – 感謝する


A) 野良猫の切られた耳は、社会人によって行われた物
B) 野良猫の切られた耳は、獣医によって行われた物
C) 野良猫の切られた耳は、ケンカでできた物
D) 野良猫の切られた耳は、TNRという組織によって行われた物

  • Why do vets perform surgery on stray cats?
  • What does a cat’s cut ear tell people?
  • Which ear is cut if the cat is a female?